COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Set to Be Available By October

Even though today’s narrative is the police brutality leading up to the death of a suspect, Pfizer Pharmaceutical announced a possible availability of a COVID-19 vaccine in October. As promised, Trump showed leadership as he spearheaded the development of the vaccine by removing restrictions on pharmaceutical corporations. 

COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Set to Be Available By October 

Biden and Democrat Party, You Ain’t Black If You Don’t Vote Democrat

It’s a fact. Democrats play identity politics. By grouping certain categories of people and play into their main concerns, the Democrat party believes they can control that particular demographics. Whether the Democrats suck up to the feminist movement, climate change movement, the socialist movement, Hispanic movement, or the Black movement, the Democrat party will promise everything and deliver nothing. Democrats just blame the other side for the broken promises they can’t keep. And ironically, the Democrat votes believe in it.

As years move on and more information are being accessible via the Internet and social media, the left wing liberal socialist exposure is transparent. The main stream media can’t lie anymore. You got a current president willing to fight back; instead of letting things go its course in hoping people will forget. Past presidents are will to turn the other cheek if they are criticized. They allow the pundits from both sides will run amuck dispelling the truth and lie about the facts and visa-versa.

However, when you video proof, it becomes very difficult to spin it; especially when one realizes what he actually goofed.

This happened to the presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s claim that African Americans voters “ain’t black” if they are not planning to vote for him in November. To a normal sane human being with some ounce of common sense, that statement is arrogant and condescending.

It’s understandable that Biden is acting like an angry old man yelling at people to get off the damn lawn. Call it dementia or old age, but such a stupid comment doesn’t excuse those 1.3 million African-Americans who vote for voted for Trump in 2016.

Biden is saying to 1.3 million African-Americans that you’re not black. Biden is telling other Blacks that they are only useful during election time. Well, the time is now that the Black community needs to wake up and smell the coffee because Biden and the Democrat party are making the Black people look like fools by taking them for granted.

It didn’t talk long for the media to go on a frenzy. Every group and movement couldn’t resist to chime in and condemn such idiotic statement. Such statements just proves that old white male liberals never cared about the black people. They care about their vote. It’s not the first time it was mentioned. Throughout the Democrat campaign trail, the media and fellow Democrats kept saying Biden needs to win South Carolina and the Black vote. That to itself is condensing. It suggests that Biden automatically earns the Black vote because Biden’s false claim to be pro-Black. When a motto like that is drilled 24/7 over the air, these Democrat voters would likely vote for Biden. And look what happened. Biden won South Carolina and catapulted him as the leading candidate for the 2020 presidential elections.

Let’s keep in mind that Biden sponsored a crime bill during the 1990’s that locked up more African-American males than any other piece of legislation. Wow! Talking of being pro-Black. It had to take several criminal justice reform legislation to correct Biden mistakes. Guess who fixed- Trump!!

It is Trump who is a strong advocate to bring the impoverished and the forgotten to a high standard of living. No modern day Republican or Democrat can make that claim. It took a non political businessman to fix this country and should deserve another four more years to continue to make America great again.

Open the Economy Now! Be Like Sweden

Sweden is a country that no one has talked about how they were handling the COVID-19. That is because Sweden refuse to be a sheep to the establishment. America should follow Sweden’s model because Washington is starting to push the envelope into our liberty and freedom. Always remember that power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. In other words, if you give the government an inch, they will take a yard. This shut down is bullshit. The establishment wants the American people to be a complete slave to the government. We need to follow what Sweden is doing during this pandemic. 

Sweden followed the minimum standard to keep social distancing with basic common sense. Sweden banned large gatherings, closed high schools and universities and told elderly and people who are actually sick to stay home.

However, restaurants, bars, supermarket, pharmacies, and businesses  are still open. A total contradiction from other countries. Other countries, including USA, is in shutdown mode. Even though Swedens decision to ignore the standard norm during this pandemic, more people have died compared to the rest of the world in relation to population size. 

As of April 2020, Sweden had 15,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1,650 people have died. Comparing to its smaller neighbor Norway and Finland, there were 7,800 cases and approximately 200 deaths in Norway, and 4,600 cases and  115 deaths in Finland.

Even though Sweden had a higher death rate and more COVID-19 case, hospitals weren’t overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. With hospitals filled to 80% capacity, death rate and recovery rate didn’t show any abnormal anomaly, which means COVID-19 cases didn’t impact or stressed hospital care. That is because only the sick are admitted into the hospital and the type of socialized medicine practiced in the country.

The fatality of the COVID-19 was seen with the elderly and people with underlining disease (ex. COPD, cardiac) than people with good health (age group: 17 years old – 45 years old). Majority contracting the virus recovered. Keep in mind that the worldwide flu is a pandemic itself. Even though there is a flu vaccine, the world wide death rate is considerably high. Because there is a vaccine, the flu or influenza won’t be classified as a pandemic. 

Sweden look at the COVID-19 like the Flu. Using common sense, people got vaccinated, some stayed home if they become sick, or practice social distancing for those not vaccinated. Keeping things status quo, Sweden experienced less damage  economically. While the world experience severe stoppage with personal spending, which was close to 70%, Sweden was unaffected. Unemployment was much lower in Sweden than compared to the whole world 

If you want to know how Sweden did it? It’s called herd immunity. The idea stemmed that healthy individuals were exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Those infected develop antibodies to the virus. They, in turn, infected other healthy individuals; in order that, they develop antibodies to the virus. This is a similar concept how we develop antibodies when we received a vaccine. While those who got infected and showing sign and symptoms stayed home to recover or go to the hospital if the infected individual can’t breathe. With a high rate of recovery, Sweden saw keeping the economy open as a benefit outweighing the risk. 

If Sweden didn’t fall into a false sense of security and allowing a tyrannical government completely controlling its people, Sweden did the right thing. 

Corruption with the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s now certain corruptible, organizational corporations are taking advantage of not letting a crisis go to waste. The purpose to delay opening the economy is political. It’s an election season and liberals have tried and stymied this president because the democrat presidential candidate has early stages of dementia and is extremely flawed. 

Thus, during this pandemic, there is greed and corruption running rampant. It starts with the media. Their lies continue to panic the American people. Because insurance companies are paying more for Covid-19 cases, many hospitals are fudging the cause of death as COVID-19 instead of an underlining disease. Then this is reported to the state. The state reports to the federal government and demands for more funding and help. There are scrupulous pundits of the medical field claiming certain successful medications to treat COVID-19 as inaccurate and more clinical trials are needed. Since the FDA gave approval for these drugs to treat COVID-19, these morons and the media are trying to convince the public it doesn’t work and pleading the public to wait till we are forced to be vaccinated, which should be a red flag. You have Democrat states delaying businesses to open which should smell funny. There are Democrat governors banning the use of these FDA drugs approved for compassionate use to treat COVID19. That is considered cruel and reckless. 

Now, CDC has adjusted their numbers to reflect the states amending the cause of death was due to underlining disease than the COVID-19. Also, CDC has purported the the COVID-19 is similar to the  seasonal flu. However, you won’t see that from the mainstream media.  Hospitals are now doing elective surgery. Thus, no more fudging numbers to the insurance companies. States are now pushing to open their economy because their residents demand to go back to work. 

It’s good see people are being proactive and dictating what they want. Let common sense rule over a tyrannical greedy establishment. 



The Flu is More Dangerous than Coronavirus. Don’t Let Media Fool You

Sorry that I was away. For the past month, I had a constant, annoying dry cough that wouldn’t stop. I took vacation time from work to avoid any of my coworkers from getting it. Hence, I couldn’t be called a terrorist. Lol. I caught this nagging cough from a coworker who came back from a cruise in mid-January. Since then, whatever he had he gave it to me. Symptoms were unremarkable. No fever, no sweating, no respiratory problems, no sore throat, no running nose, no diarrhea, and no other symptoms that reflects a flu or the Coronavirus.  But to make sure, I took vacation time and stayed at home. 

I sipped two shots of whiskey. My whiskey of choice I enjoy drinking is either Macallan 15 or Suntory Toki. I drank it everyday while I was sick and it seems to help. My coughing lessened each passing day, but it took over a month. No doctors. No hospital. No medication.  I keep myself basically healthy. I work out often and I watch my caloric intake. 

Since I don’t watch a lot of television, I get my news online. However, since I’m home bound, I sat and surfed the channel from all the major networks.  From morning to night, all the coverage hovered on the Coronavirus, COVID-19, Wuhan virus, or the Chinese virus. At this point, I really don’t care what it is called. For simplicity, I will call it Coronavirus.

The first thing I always recommend is to verify the medias manipulation to the news.  As a priority, the media love chaos and anything to bring the president down. It was obvious and blatant how the media was trying to pin the virus on the president. It’s so ironic how the media whined for the past three year that Trump wouldn’t give a formal press meeting. Now they get a daily news press briefing on the Coronavirus with the president and the press regrets it. I’m not the only one that see it. Everybody sees it. The press would mince and cut/paste video during the afternoon press briefing to make Trump look bad for the evening news.  When it became blatant the major news networks were spreading fake news Trump decided to give his press briefing during prime time when most of America can watch it live and uncensored.  This made the president look good and the media look weak. In fact, the main stream media wanted to stop broadcasting the press conference all together.  Now, that’s irony. Of course, the main stream media won’t stop broadcasting. If they did, they would be losing ads and sponsors.

But I digress. I wanted to write about the stigma that the media caused in this country.  If the media had its choice they would love this virus pandemic last through to the elections. They would love to call this Trumps Hurricane Katrina. It is disgusting how the media plays the fear of the American people.

But let me make myself completely clear, this virus is not as bad as the flu or influenza. Granted that the Coronavirus doesn’t have a vaccine, which makes it dangerous, but if there wasn’t a flu vaccine, we would see a huge pandemic of epic proportions.  Also, since we had a vaccine for the flu there are still over 200,000 death to the influenza or the common flu. Look at this:

Notice this was dated on 1/2020. It states the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated worldwide  flu epidemic to cause between 3-5 million cases and 250,000-500,000 deaths.  Remember we have the flu vaccine. These vaccines can give you a 50% change of immunity for the year as long the scientists got the right strain right. There are 200 active strains of the flu virus. Scientist pick three or four prevalent stains to be included to make the vaccine each year. In my accounts, there are less then 20 strains of the COVID-19. Now let compare to this picture:

This was dated March 18, 2020. Can you see the difference what the media won’t report? These figures can be seen in the website. 

Anyone can manipulate numbers, but they can’t twist facts. The media love to tout about the death rate. Forget the death rate. That figures has been manipulated from both sides to make it look positive or negative. Let’s look at hard facts. We are concerns about how many deaths this virus can cause each year. The fatality is a travesty, but numbers are numbers.  In a give year, the flu can cause 250,000 to 500,000 deaths and it is dependent upon if the scientists chose the right stain to create the flu vaccine for that year. The Coronavirus caused 8,908 death this year.  Can you see the difference? Also, keep in mind there isn’t a vaccine for the Coronavirus as of now. 

Now let’s look at the death toll and cases for the Coronavirus in America.

This was taken on March 18, 2020 from the website. 

Now look the death toll and cases to the flu in America 

Do you see the comparison? The CDC estimated in the USA 36 million cases, and 22,000 deaths, of which 144 deaths were children, for the flu. Keep in mind a flu season is from October to April. The Coronavirus started in December 2019. For the Coronavirus in the USA, as of March 18, 2020, there were 7038 cases and 97 deaths, of which 1 child from Illinois died. It is a very stark contrast from what the media is purporting.  

Just like the flu, the Coronavirus can be transmitted by person to person from a cough, sneeze, or touching objects and transmitting them to you mouth, nose, or eyes. However, it is rare for someone not showing the symptoms of the Coronavirus to spread to other people. They have to have the symptoms to spread it.  Look at this picture

This is from the website. It stated people with Coronavirus are contagious when they show the symptoms. 
Now look at this:

With the flu, you are contagious on day one from contracting the virus. On day one of the infection, you are mostly healthy and not showing the symptoms.  Now, you tell me, which is more contagious. 

So let’s keep things in perspective. I understand the social distancing and closure to parks, stores, restaurants, and bars because we are selfish people. There are many who are sick, but insist they won’t give their sickness to anyone else. That is extremely stupid, ignorant, self-centered, and just plain dumb. Just because many chose to get vaccinated for the flu doesn’t mean or guarantee they will be immune from it or can’t get it from an infected person. The flu vaccine decreases the chances of a worldwide pandemic. Unlike the flu, the Coronavirus has no vaccine. Thus, different measures are needed to be taken account to combat it. 

But don’t succumb to the media’s panic. Recovery is high with the Coronavirus. We had other pandemics of the past like AIDS, swine flu (H1N1), bird flu (Avian flu), SARS, MERC, MRSA, Ebola, and the Zika Virus, and we survived each one. Unlike those past pandemics, Trump wasn’t president.  This Coronavirus is a pandemic just like those of the past, but the media is using it for their own personal agenda and that is to blame Trump for it.

As of Sunday, March 29, 2020, a General Primary Care Provider in NYC test 700 Coronavirus positive patient. The doctor gave them hydoxychloroquinone, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin for 5 day therapy. The result….. 100% CURED! Also, it cost $20.00 for a five day therapy.  

Soon you will hear of this.  Please don’t panic. A Coronavirus vaccine is currently  in clinical trials. However, mass production of the vaccine won’t occur til next year. Also, we are not sure it this Coronavirus will be a once time thing like SARS, which fell off the face of the earth. Nonetheless, there is medical treatment with drugs to stop the spread of this virus. Now, we just have to wait til it is announce. But please feel free and Google it yourself.  I just read it today. 

Democrat Voters Disenfranchised by the Democrat Establishment

Super Tuesday is the day that 1/3 of the delegates will distributed to the potential winners of these Democratic primaries. With precious delegates at stake, several top tier Democrat candidates drop out of the race hours before Super Tuesday. Mayor Peter and Amy Klobuchar ended their campaign hastily.  Honesty, these candidates had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. They should have stayed in the race until the results from Super Tuesday primaries were over. 

The feeling of being screwed by the system sucks. When it comes to voting in an election locally or nationally, the feeling that your vote doesn’t count has some weight to the matter. It does not matter if your candidate wins or loses. It means you took time of your busy days to drive to a polling station, wait in line to check in, read the amendments to be voted on, submitting the ballot, and head home. How would you feel if you had the opportunity to vote early to avoid the long lines for your candidate and knowing later your candidate drop out of the race. You just wasted your time. If you knew ahead of time that your preferred candidate drop out of the race, you could have voted your second choice. 

To vote is a right that all American process. To be denied of that right is to be disenfranchised. The feeling left is being cheated by the system. Thus, the repercussion would lead these disenfranchised voters to sit out in the general election as a retaliation of being screwed. I say cheated by the system because there are reports of pressure for some of these Democrat candidates to drop the race and support Biden, which Mayor Peter and Amy Klobuchar has done. Coincidence!? I don’t think so. 

I’m not making an assumption. I’m stating a fact. 

In the three primaries in Iowa. Nevada, and New Hampshire, the turn out wasn’t great for the Democrat primary. Even Trump trolled the Democrat primaries with his own GOP rallies in those states, and turn out more people that those who Democrats who campaigned in those states.  That is a tall tale sign that Democrat voters aren’t too enthusiastic with the Democrat candidates.

Coronavirus May Bring Jobs Back to America

 In modern day history, a pandemic has stemmed from China. Whether they are modernizing biological warfare is up to debate, but we can’t ignore the fact that the Coronavirus, Bird flu, and SARS originated from China. 

American businesses  in China are re-evaluating if their business interest should be brought back to America. Disruption to the product line will affect sales; and eventually, it will affect jobs. Overall, it will affect the global economy. 

Yes, it is a travesty that the world is being affected by a pandemic called the Coronavirus. I won’t minimize it. However, as in every pandemic we faced, we overcome and we move on.  Because of technology, we fine cures via vaccines and medication. We have survive the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika Virus, Ebola Virus, and the SARS to name a few. Most of these pandemics are a distant memory, but the lives lost won’t be forgotten. 

Now, if business want to survive, they need to make sure the supplier chain isn’t jeopardized. Any interruptions will affect the company. A disruption will make or break a business. In China, Apple closes all offices and stores in China because of the Coronavirus. Even though it is a mega company, it should survive the ordeal. What about companies smaller than Apple in China? I don’t think they would fare any better. 

Since China is in a economic downturn, many business are starting to evaluate their future. Because the practice of transparency in China is dismal, it has become a huge concern with American business interest in that region. With the America/Mexico/Canada trade deal that was signed last week, it makes bringing back jobs to America more lucrative. 

Coronavirus May Bring Jobs Back to the USA

Coronavirus Created by China, Accidentally Unleashed on Own People

Remember the SARS pandemic in the early 2000’s? It started in China. The Chinese government blamed the US in creating the virus and unleashed it to the Chinese. It was a conspiracy theory that led the biological weapons research and development in China. Like anything else, it was no secret that China wants to be a world superpower and tapping into the chemical and biological warfare would do just that.  

This epidemic in China seems suspicious that a simple virus could cause an epidemic in a short time span. With 11 cities in China in lockdown, there could be a possibility something sinister brewing. At ground zero in Wuhan, China, a well-known bio lab called Wuhan Institute of Virology exists. The current suspicion by many claims scientists were playing with the strain of the Coronavirus. One would say where did they get a sample of this virus? The answer was that they obtained a sample strain from a Chinese operative in Canada. There was a shipment from Canada label biomedical hazard to China. Part of this shipment included a strain of the Coronavirus, which was stolen from a Canadian lab by Chinese scientists working at the facility. 

It seem that this Coronavirus escaped into the atmosphere and infected the 11 million people living in Wuhan, China. The very same place where the Wuhan Institute of Virology exist. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you can get a city in a lockdown, it would be fair to say there could be a connection. 

If the Chinese were trying to develop a biological weapon, I guess it worked as it was intended. 

Coronavirus was China Creation, Accidentally Unleashed to Chinese People 

The Beginning for the End of Radical Islam in Iran

This is the end of the radical Iranian government in Tehran, Iran. The people are given the one rare opportunity given by Trump to make things right for themselves. Because nation building wasn’t a platform Trump ran on, Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t help the cause. Iran has been in a decline since they stormed into the US embassy and kidnapped 50+ American Hostages in 1979.  There were a few times when Iranians wanted to take their country back from radical Islam but it failed. This is due to certain players in leadership that were hindering the progress. With Trump getting the grand prize in Soleimani, the Iranians can now take out other lesser players; in order that, balance could be brought back to  the country. “This is the way” “I have spoken” (Disney +, Mandalorian)

Masked gunmen kill local commander of Iran’s security forces

Trump Unveiled the Media, Pundits, and Washington are Stupid

For the past three years, Trump decided to create his own path. Trump refused to follow the pragmatic ideology that kept the American public suppressed for many decades. Since the media enjoy using the stock market as their barometer on the presidents approval, the media would be in glee saying the market fell because of Trump impeachment or the China Trade War. Since we have no say, but trust in the president. Now, look what happened! The DOW Jones is over 29,000 and the NASDAQ and the S&P reached new highs. This is due to company earnings, and the 1st phase trade agreement with China, and the passage of the US/Canada/Mexico trade agreement. What is not mentioned is tariffs does work. It pushed China to concede and brought them back to the negotiation table. There will be many pundits who can debate that tariffs don’t work. However, it’s about opportunities. In regards to China, Trump slapped China with tariffs when China was down and desperate and it worked. I also want to include that the 1st phase of the Chiba deal puts China on notice. There are repercussions if China breaks the deal. Like I said, Trump is someone who will not be duped. 

Beside making the media look like idiots, the media is pissed that Trump is controlling them. Trump stopped giving news briefing and only give question and answer under Trumps time. It’s quite funny how the media calling Trumps phone interview with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh as reckless and illegitimate. Trump has changed the narrative of the media. Proving his unorthodox method works, Trump is not following the media script that past presidents had done.

Trump was elected as a disruptor and an outsider showing the American public the obvious corruption  in the media and Washington. Trump set the standard what Americans want and that is keeping ones promises. Not even the great Ronald Reagan was not able to keep all of his promises. This is what a president should do. The Washington establishment act like robots. They are scripted to follow a certain  rule. If you don’t believe me, compare Trump action to the last 5 president. There is no comparison.

Trump neutered the Republicans in Washington to follow him or fail. Trump has the public on his side. Yes, Republicans may not like him, but if these career politicians what to continue their behind the scene shenanigans, they have no choice but comply. Trump off-the-cuff daily comments on social media is putting the Washington establishment in the corner. These crazy comments has worked before Trump was president; so, why stop now?

Trump showed the incompetence of NATO and the UN and the whole world. Prior, the USA would pay majority of the bill, send US troops, and still get blamed. Now, Trump says NATO has to do more, countries has to take part and participate in sharing the burden to pay the bill and putting in more troops. This has never been done with past presidents.

This is why the Washington establishment and the MSM hate Trump. Trump is showing that make America great again is real.

Let’s review. Stock markets are up. 401k portfolio has gone up. America is energy independent as an oil exporter. Gas prices stable. Unemployment is historic lows for teenagers,  blacks, Hispanics, and women. On average, tax cuts and a great economy put an extra $4000 in our pockets. We got rid of two high profiled terrorist. Because of that, protesters for freedom is spreading throughout the world from Iran to Hong Kong. Trump put two conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Trump got China to sign a trade agreement. Trump created a new branch of the military called Space Force. And the main promise that no president wanted to touch, Trump is building a border wall. Not 100 miles but over 800 miles, which is on schedule to be completed by 2022. 

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